Lidt nyt fra Betting-School

Lige lidt nyt fra Betting-School som er et af mine få anbefalede sites at melde sig til hvis man er interesseret i betting. De anbefaler dog systemer lidt for hurtigt, og jeg er ikke enig i alle deres anbefalede systemer, så det skal primært være for at lære en masse strategier etc.

It always pays to specialise.

When you specialise in a particular subject it is much easier to rise to the top in that field and so it goes with form reading and betting. If you specialise in one particular group of runners you get to know more about how that group performs and can therefore more easily analyse any given race.

One area that bettors shy away from but which can be very profitable if you specialise is two year olds. A lot of form readers will dismiss two year old races out of hand because of the limited form. And this certainly is a factor and there is little point trying to analyse a field full of debutants.

But the remainder of two year old races are run amongst a relatively small group of horses that run over a small slections of (sprint) distances.

This gives us two advantages the first is that the colateral form (Who has beaten who etc) is easier to work out. The second is that the race time is much more significant in sprint races where a truer pace is more often run.

Add to that the runners are less likley to be jaded and are more likley to run their true race on every occasion and you have a recipe for a profitable campaign.

All Betting School Insiders Club members get a free copy of the Speciality system which has been created by pro gambler Tony Gibson in order to systemise the selection procedure for this group of runners. The system comes with a month by month schedule of how you should be betting and what the more significant factors are for that particular month.

You can register for a free sample of the Betting School Insiders Report by following this link

4 tanker om “Lidt nyt fra Betting-School”

  1. hej
    jeg har meldt mig til betting school men synes ,at man får lidt forvirrende signaler,da de på den ene side anbefaler nogle systemer, men hvis man så gør som mig og spørg på forumet for heste hvilket et de vil anbefale, fik jeg den besked fra darren ,at det sådan set var spild af penge,det eneste der duede var at læse heste kort med form og forskellige andre ting mvh ib

  2. Som jeg skriver er deres anbefalinger af systemer heller ikke den primære årsag til at tilmelde sig. Det er mere deres tutorials og gode råd der er grund til det, da man får en masse ideer til selv at kunne lave et system etc.

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